• I observe the world around me with a eye for beauty, whimsy and all the nuances of light and shadow that make my photography truly unique . My inspiration is broad.
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson for teaching me "the decisive moment".
  • Diane Arbus for showing me beauty where it is not obvious.
  • Richard Avedon a pioneer in great fashion photography.
  • Annie Leibovitz a teacher of fine tuning lighting to conjure a precise mood.
  • Peter Lindbergh for showing me the importance of thinking outside my head.
  • Steven Klein for taking me out of my head.
  • Greg Gorman for priceless iconic images.
  • John Russo for continuing Gregs iconic work.
  • Phillip Ritchie for making his studio a home to learn.
  • James Loy for helping me frame my first shot and many more after that.
  • I try to capture singular complexities and evoke the diversities of each subject. A style that has developed and evolved over the past 20 years.
  • My career as a Physical Therapist in Southern California gave me the opportunity to work closely with world class athletes and celebrities from all walks of life. This human experience was my inspiration to capture these people in a moment in time and make it a wonderful thing to behold.

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